Santa Rosa deputy plans 134-mile march to honor 134 fallen law enforcement officers

Posted on April 20, 2018 by Staff reports

On May 17-19, 2018, teams of athletes will set out in a relay event to ruck 134 miles across Santa Rosa County over the course of 55 hours. These 60 athletes will work as teams to carry 134, 1-pounds weights, across 134 miles. Each weight bears the name of an officer who died in the line of duty in 2017. They will traverse the entirety of Santa Rosa County, starting at Bear Lake, proceeding through Navarre, and ending at the Milton (Santa Rosa County) Fairgrounds. They will do this to show support for those who gave their lives in the line of duty and to show that we carry the weight of the loss of these officers with us.

“Having participated in a number of endurance events for myself, I decided it was time to put my efforts into something bigger than myself,” said Caleb Cook, the founder of the event. “Everything about the EOWMR honors the fallen and shows support for our officers who continually carry the weight of a days shift home with them.”

The event, called the End of Watch Memorial Ruck (EOWMR), is in its first year and is being organized by Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Deputy Caleb Cook, the First Judicial Circuit Law Enforcement Association (FJCLEA), and Joshua Schwitzerlett.

The event seeks to raise funds for the FJCLEA, an organization whose primary goal is to provide financial support to members of the criminal justice community and their families during times of need and provides charitable support to children’s advocacy organizations. All funds raised by the EOWMR will go to support the efforts of the FJCLEA. Athletes (ruckers), volunteers, and sponsors interested in the event are encouraged to visit ​​ for more information.