SANTA ROSA INSIDER: Santa Rosa’s REC has become “Congress of Unelectables”

Posted on February 21, 2024 by EDITORIAL BOARD

REC Member Sherry Chapman’s frequent criticism against local Republican leaders is often used by a Democratic activist who makes videos shared via social media.

Pervasive bitterness, anger and negativity runs amok within the ranks of the Santa Rosa County Republican Executive Committee (REC).

I’ve been a registered Republican since becoming old enough to vote, and it deeply pains me to see what’s happened to our local REC. Many respectable members have quit due to Republican infighting.

Why? Some VIPs refer to the group as the “Congress of Unelectables” and have backed away from it because if you take a look at its roster you’ll see multiple members who have lost campaigns for elected positions and now sow seeds of discontent against the winners.

A small group of retirees from within the REC have seemingly made it their full-time job to go around attending city council and county commission meetings to attack duly elected GOP leaders with incessant criticism.

That’s right, the strongest opposition toward seated local Republican leaders is coming straight out of the REC!

While holding elected leaders accountable is an important task, these retirees take it too far, behaving in disrespectful, irresponsible ways and working with Democrats to bash fellow Republicans.

Many of these REC members get featured on videos posted by long-time Democrat Kendall Creighton, a former Al Gore staffer in his office of environmental policy who went on to work on his failed Presidential campaign. Kendall runs a Facebook page named Save Santa Rosa and takes video clips of these REC members at the podium during council and commission meetings, attacking our Conservative leaders.

Creighton, like Preserve Navarre’s Nancy Forester and other Democrats, are switching to the Republican party to vote in our primary elections because that is where local races are usually decided. These Democratic activists claim they do it to get around voter disenfranchisement and voter suppression caused by write-in candidates which close the primaries.

Recently one of the RINOs working with them was harassing a Texas man who happened to purchase property where I used to live. Oh how they can dish out criticism, but they cannot take any measure of their own medicine!! They were attacking an innocent man in this case while trying to attack me because I recently helped the landslide defeat of a Preserve Navarre pro-incorporation candidate.

It’s very disheartening to see members of the REC working in lock step with these left-leaning activists.

For this reason, I’m strongly supporting Rick Stephens, who intends to challenge current Santa Rosa GOP State Committeeman David Farrow. I’m not sure if anyone is going to challenge our State Committeewoman, Patty Burke. I had considered it but have since decided I don’t want to be associated with the current REC membership, which is plagued by members who seem hellbent and blood thirsty in their efforts to destroy members of their own party and Conservatives, like me.