Spout off: What are your thoughts on legalizing marijuana?

Posted on September 23, 2015 by

Mark Boltz

Oppose it. Sharp people are assets and assets have value. Smoking pot doesn’t keep you sharp.

Tom Barlow

Oppose it. Just a money grab to make up for lost revenue of tobacco sales.

Dustin Austin

For it. Free up LEOs and jails for real criminals. Save and make a lot of money!

Amanda Franklin

For it! It’s no worse than alcohol. My only concern would being able to test someone who is driving under the influence. I don’t know if we have that capability yet.

Kelly Megan Davis

For it! First, it’s pointless to criminalize something that is safer than alcohol. In the last year, the CDC has reported over 2,000 alcohol poisoning deaths. Yet, there are no reports of marijuana related deaths.
The only deaths have occurred have come from synthetic marijuana. When you allow it to be regulated, this cuts out the risk there.
Second, it’s proven to be effective in generating substantial revenue in the states where it’s legal for recreational use. According to Colorado.gov, over $800,000 in tax revenue was generated in July 2015.

Joyce Spencer

Support it.