State Delegation Drops Utility Authority Bill

Posted on January 25, 2024 by Romi White

The Northwest Florida Legislative Delegation for Santa Rosa County is no longer going to pursue a bill which would have created a North Santa Rosa utility authority in 2028.

“The delegation has not changed our view of the situation in Santa Rosa, however we delayed creating the authority, which in essence killed the biil,” stated Florida Senator Doug Broxson on Thursday.

Broxson says Santa Rosa County has the authority to do what the bill prescribed. “They’re aware they have issues with the water boards.”

“I fully support Senator Broxson’s stand on the issue,” Florida House District 2 Representative Alex Andrade stated, noting that addressing the issues with local water systems is now in the county’s hands.

Problems with water system in the north end of Santa Rosa County have been increasing due to jurisdictional boundaries and other issues. 

Broxson pointed out that Santa Rosa is a non-restricted county, meaning it is not subject to the Public Service Commission. “They have all the authority to locally manage both sewer and water.”