Suspect arrested after alleged sexual relationship with 15-year-old babysitter

Posted on January 29, 2019 by Romi White

According to Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect’s photo will not be disclosed due to laws protecting members of the military

Alexander Manuel Maraboli, 46, was booked January 23 into Santa Rosa County Jail on a second-degree felony charge of lewd and lascivious behavior involving a minor, following a report to law enforcement that between May and October 2018 he had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old female.

According to a report from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, Maraboli is accused of having sexual intercourse with the victim on 16 occasions at multiple locations, including in his bedroom as his five-year-old son was sleeping.

The sexual relationship reportedly started around Memorial Day, per the report, which stated the victim had known Maraboli for approximately five years and they used to live in the same neighborhood.

Per the victim’s reported account, the first incident took place following a May 27 neighborhood party while she was staying over at the suspect’s home. The report states the victim was friends with the suspect’s stepdaughter and it was the second time she had stayed over.

“She became tired and wanted to leave the (Memorial Day) party at around 9 p.m.,” states the report. “She saw her dad having fun and did not want to make him leave, so she suggested she go stay at (the suspect’s) house since he was leaving the party.” According to the victim, her father agreed to the arrangement and she, Maraboli and his five-year-old son walked to the residence.

The report states the victim said she got a blanket and laid down on the floor beside the suspect’s bed where they engaged in a conversation as his son was sleeping.  Per the victim’s account, after a short period of time the suspect came down to the floor and the conversation continued before he began to kiss her stomach and that eventually they had sexual intercourse. 

She stated after intercourse was over she had to use the bathroom and clean herself up. The victim told law enforcement Maraboli then asked her to come into the bed with him because his son was having a nightmare and he wanted to lay beside him. 

The victim stated that during the sexual intercourse the suspect’s son did not wake up and that she does not believe he was aware of the activities taking place in the room. 

The report also states that “at no time” did the victim ask Maraboli to stop nor did she attempt to get away from him. She told police she had a little remorse about what happened.

According to the victim, she was babysitting for Maraboli on Friday, June 1 and had put his son to bed around 9 p.m. before having intercourse with him after he arrived home.  Per her account, after intercourse they both cleaned up and started watching television. She told cops that is “how every Friday night went for the summer.”

Additionally, she told police they had sexual intercourse during some week days and at her dad’s house every other week when she stayed there.  The victim told police she would invite Maraboli over to her dad’s house for the purpose of sexual intercourse and that he would “park around the corner” from the residence and come in through the garage. She reported the sex would last one to two hours then they would “go back to their day.”

The report goes on to say the victim said Maraboli at one time told her to please not tell anyone about what had been going on between them and that it would affect his family, specifically he could possibly lose custody of his son.

The victim also told police she and Maraboli had sexual intercourse 16 times and that she has all the days they had intercourse marked on a phone calendar with hearts.

Police performed a forensic download of the victim’s phone, and a video was discovered of two people having sex. The victim told police it was her and Maraboli in the video, stating the suspect had taken the video with his cell phone and sent it to her phone.

Cops on January 8 called in Maraboli for a controlled audio/video recorded interview. He was read his Miranda Rights and signed a waiver. Upon being confronted about the allegations, cops say Maraboli stated the allegations sounded serious and that he would like to speak with an attorney. When the interview was concluded, his cell phone was seized.

Police on January 14 viewed a partial forensic download of the suspect’s phone, noting in the report that located on the devise was a video believed to be the “exact video” located on the victim’s phone.

Subsequently, Maraboli was booked January 23 and later released on a $25,000 bond.

Court records indicate that Patrick King, a prosecutor with First Judicial Circuit State Attorney Bill Eddins’ office, was assigned to the case, and the next court date will be February 14.