Suspect attempted to hit cop with car

Posted on November 8, 2017 by Staff reports

Gulf Breeze Police Department around 1:30 p.m. today received a call from Gulf Winds employee in reference to a female passing a forged check.

The teller advised the same individual did this yesterday and they were aware of her.

A GBPD officer was first on scene and when he approached the vehicle, the female driver attempted to run him over.

According to police, the officer had to jump out of the way so that she did not strike him.

The vehicle headed down Shoreline Drive and police say when she saw an unmarked vehicle with the blue lights on the driver ran that cruiser off the road.

Shortly afterwards the vehicle was located on Fairpoint Drive around Berry, heading towards U.S. 98.

To avoid a roadblock, the vehicle was turned around at Woodlawn Park and headed back on Fairpoint Drive towards Shoreline Drive.

Officers were pursuing the vehicle which was turned eastbound onto U.S. 98.

Due to the vehicle’s high rate of speed and erratic driving, the pursuit was called off.

The individual was arrested by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office.

According to the City of Gulf Breeze, details about how the suspect was stopped are not known at this time. The driver did not have positive identification, and her true identity is unknown. The investigation is continuing.