Third Okaloosa County student charged in connection with posting school shooting threats

Posted on February 21, 2018 by Staff reports

A 13-year odd Pryor Middle School student has been charged with making a threat to kill or do bodily harm in connection with a social media post that states “I wanna shoot a school.”   

Roman Jackson said he was just trying to play a “joke”, did not have any specific school in mind, and did not mean anything by it.     

The image sent on Snapchat consisted of a photo of an M-4 assault rifle with the words, “I would kill people, I wanna shoot a school and round 2 of Florida”.    

The defendant says he took the picture of the weapon off Google images.     

The Snapchat post was reportedly sent as a group post but one of the receivers reported it.    

The teen is the third student arrested by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office since October in connection with posting threats in reference to a school shooting. Although the senders have said they were only joking, the OCSO has a zero tolerance policy towards posts threatening school violence.