Tropical Storm Colin floods new Navarre Beach shoreline

Posted on June 7, 2016 by Staff reports

Rough surf from Tropical Storm Colin forced two hopper dredges working on the Navarre Beach renourishment project to suspend work Monday and seek temporary shelter in Pensacola Bay.  Waves also over-washed sections of the newly added lower beach berm, trapping water near the shoreline.
However, county officials report the storm is not expected to have a long-term effect on the project, which is still projected to be completed this month.
“Beach conditions during TS Colin event are consistent with the 2006 renourishment project’s performance during similar events,” said Santa Rosa County Engineer Roger Blaylock. “Wave action in the surf zone creates a natural hump which temporarily traps over-wash onto the lower beach and the escaping water reshapes the beach as it returns to the gulf.”
Blaylock said the shoreline will continue to naturally shrink and grow with each tide cycle and storm event.
The wider, lower beach berm is expected to recover after the tide and surf return to normal conditions.