Two new subdivisions planned for Navarre

Posted on January 3, 2019 by Romi White

A local developer is moving forward with plans to construct a 49-home subdivision off Whispering Pines Boulevard and 11 homes on vacant property at the north end of Pawnee Drive.

Creetwood Development officials told South Santa Rosa News today that they have received approval for the two projects.

The subdivision off Whispering Pines Boulevard will be named Creet’s Landing, and constructed on a large tract of land comprised of several parcels, totaling around 123 acres.

The smaller subdivision will be located at the northern end of Pawnee Drive near the intersection of Pebble Brooke Drive will be called Pebble Brook. It will be built on a roughly 7-acre parcel.

The developers and their family own both parcels of land.