VIEWPOINT: The Civic Responsibility of Providing an Objective and Accurate Feasibility Study

Posted on December 18, 2021 by Jonathan Cole

We at Navarre Area United often hear folks ask, “Why don’t you provide more information and data?”

The answer is simple – we don’t have it, and we’re not qualified to give it.

We could make a patchwork quilt of data pulled from various sources, but that’s a subjective process we aren’t qualified to interpret, and it’s not who we are. We can discuss concepts and generalities, but the necessary data for everyone to make an educated decision on the issue a proposed city of Navarre will be found in the required feasibility study. We will defer to respected experts in the field to analyze data and provide an objective document that will serve as our “information”, which will be presented in public forum upon completion in April.

The list of requirements for a feasibility study are found in Florida Statute Chapter 165 Section 041. A full copy of the text of the statute can be found on our website at Click on Information, then on Data.

Also, on our website there is a document from the Florida League of Cities of state incorporations and dissolutions, providing commentary on the process of becoming a city:

“Chapter 165 outlines a Feasibility Study that is required for any incorporation to be considered as a special act of the Legislature. This study contains fiscal estimates, intergovernmental relationships, a draft charter, estimates of service delivery and other elements to ensure that the community has fully explored its options and completed its due diligence.”

Other highlights of the study include a five year look ahead city budget and even something for those who are opposed to or on the fence concerning incorporation:

“10. Evaluation of the alternatives available to the area to address its policy concerns.”

This document also includes a very telling statement:

“Most communities that undertake this study use university students and/or consultants to complete the work.”

In other words, the study should be entrusted to experts in the field. At a minimum, the experts would be economic analysts, urban planners, civil engineers, and constitutional attorneys.

To that end, Navarre Area United is pleased to highlight its partnership with the Haas Center, a respected think tank of experts affiliated with the University of West Florida, who will undertake the feasibility study, as well as the Navarre community and its residents.

You can learn more at

They have the available data. They have the expertise. They analyze it and they present their findings.

The one thing we can’t express enough is that this must be an objective document to have any intrinsic value. The Haas Center will take their marching orders, not from Navarre Area United, but from state statutes. Any input we would give is in the details of the proposed city charter. Other than that, we are hands off. This allows unbiased professionals to analyze, interpret and present pure facts.

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Jonathan Cole, Director
Navarre Area United