What do you think should be done to address traffic issues along US Hwy. 98?

Posted on September 24, 2015 by

Dani Johnson

Put a direct access road from Navarre to Hurlburt Field…somehow.

Jamie Haig

Four lane it, like they were going to do after Hurricane Opal.

Jo Lynn Barnicoat

I like the 4-lane idea with one lane being a commuter lane — 2 or more passengers.

John Link

Bypass, it can be done, similar to the SR 85 bypass of Niceville. More robust public transportation. Restrict large trucks during commuter hours. More careful synchronization of traffic lights. Hire the best traffic consultants in the business and get their opinions. Any of these can be done. All of them should be done. What will be done? Complaining, a lot of talking, and probably no action whatsoever. Government at all levels moves at FAR too slow a pace. We’re sadly stuck with the status quo.

Anne Cottingham

Lower the cost of the toll on Garçon Point bridge.

Edward Torres, Jr.

Better policing to include ticket/fine texting drivers. This would minimize accidents which are a huge cause of the traffic.

Andrea McDermott

It would be amazing and inexpensive if they just timed the lights at the intersection.

Patricia Stewart

US 98 is a Florida State Road. The Counties are responsible for building and maintaining all side roads. With taxes so low in Northwest Florida, the counties don’t have the funding. A small solution is extending Timber Lane. It runs parallel to 98 and would take a huge amount of traffic off 98, but the cost involved to buy private property, etc. would be out of sight. The building commissioner can stop developers from building closed developments and putting in connecting roads to other developments. Again the Federal Government has done very little to help with the military congestion on the highways. Land is too valuable in this area.

Robert Coley

People who think traffic is so bad on Hwy. 98 obviously have not lived in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Washington D.C. or any other significant city. Deal with it.

Mike Fowner

Reduce access points and have right turn exit lanes similar to the interstates.

Tim Eilders

Toll booths on both ends of Navarre. And charge for non-Navarreans to pass through. Instant no traffic except locals.

Wayne Wienhoff

When there is an accident, dispatch someone who will direct traffic and write tickets to those who are rubbernecking.