Williamson leads District 4 campaign contributions

Posted on February 8, 2018 by Staff reports

The two Republican candidates vying for the District 4 county commission seat submitted required January campaign reports ahead of the February 12 deadline. Results show incumbent Rob Williamson with more than a ten-fold lead over challenger David Piech.

With roughly six months until the August 28 primary election, Williamson has amassed $75,959.01 and expended $8,092 since pre-filing for re-election last March. Piech has taken in $7,370.08 and spent $4,096.18 since filing in November.

During January, Williamson collected $9,550 from 14 contributors, including hotelier Marilyn Hess, former District 1 commissioner Gordon Goodin, Navarre Auto Repair Owner and Greater Navarre Area Chamber President Will Goulet and Quint Studer’s Good Ideas for Government political action committee. He has made self loans to his campaign totaling $23,844.

Piech during that same period received $2,670.07 from 8 supporters, including resident James Beasley, businessman John Conner and Kenneth Rudzki, co-owner of Juana’s Pagodas.  He has made self-loans to his campaign totaling $115.

Following is a detailed, chronological list of supporters who have contributed to each candidate, excluding miscellaneous revenue, such as bank account interest:


DAVID PIECH (pre-filed 11/08/2017)

$500       Dalle Molle, Barbara                      

$500       Dalle Molle, Ernest                         

$50         Walker, Benjamin                           

$500       Fountain, Ken                   

$1,000   Fountain, Tamara                            

$500       COO To Go (Fountain, Tamara)                 

$50         McCay, Beverly                

$50         Esquerre, Harold                             

$1,000   Conner, John                    

$200       Howard, Charles                              

$20         Beasley, James                

$250       Conner Sales (Conner, John)                     

$100       Rudzki, Kenneth                              

$1,000   Chen, Feng                        


ROB WILLIAMSON (pre-filed /08/2017)                                                                    

$100       Fitch, Cherry                     

300         Jernigan, Stephen                          

$500       Stamps, Britton                

$350       Gray, Ed                              

$500       Naftolin, Holly                  

$500       Inc Quality Investments (DeMaria, Brian)                             

$100       Veroneau, Tammy                         

$100       Veroneau, Scott                              

$500       Grott Family Trust                           

$500       Pensacola Beach RV Resory (Reeves, Jim)                           

$250       McMahon III, Donald                    

$1,000   Inv Norris Real Estate (Norris, Stuart and Don)                   

$1,000   Piggly Wiggly (Norris, Stuart and Don)                    

$1,000   Hammond, Cathy                            

$1,000   Equity & Trust (Musch, Eric)                       

$1,000   Terhaar & Cronley (Cronley, Jim & Terhaar, Tony)                            

$1,000   Warrington Village Properties  (Cronley, Jim & Terhaar, Tony)                    

$1,000   TCIP-A, LLC  (Cronley, Jim & Terhaar, Tony)                         

$1,000   NLC of NWF                       

$250       Williamson, Bobby                          

$250       Williamson, Fern                             

$300       Kool Breeze (Vatter, Tom)                          

$300       Vatter, Dawn                    

$300       Vatter, Tom                       

$500       Hughes, Tony                   

$100       Mosely, Peyton                               

$300       Nashed, Maged                               

$1,000   Dannheisser, Matt                         

$500       Seale, Larry                        

$1,000   Roche, John                      

$20         Oliphant, Sharon                             

$20         Oliphant, Sharon                             

$1,000   Crowe, Holly                     

$250       Michaels, Gary                 

$1,000   OP Limited (Henry, Edwin)                          

$1,000   HLOT Limited (Henry, Edwin)                     

$500       Helms, Jeff                        

$250       Century Tower Financial (Thomas, Daren)                           

$100       Wright, Colten                  

$1,000   Hammond, David                            

$500       Merrill Land Co. (Merrill, Collier)                               

$500       Merrill, Collier                   

$300       Sammons, Derrick                          

$300       Sammons, Rachel                           

$25         Frazee, Norma                 

$1,000   Black, Euby                        

$1,000   Ardouin, Vincent                             

$1,000   HollyWard, MD (Ward, Holly)                     

$1,000   ARDCO (Ardouin, Vincent)                          

$200       Merrill Engineering (Merrill, Bill)                               

$1,000   RJB NW (Benaquis, Bob)                              

$500       Baskerville-Donovan (Donovan, Fred)                   

$500       Fountain, Tamara                            

$1,000   Calkins, James                  

$1,000   Navarre Lumber (Killingsworth, Bobby)                

$1,000   Gulf Goldring (Maisel, Elliot)                      

$100       Cassidy, John                    

$100       Gilmore, Cindy                 

$50         Coe, Colleen                     

$1,000   Cactus Flower (Spofford, John)                

$1,000   Smoking Oasis (Dubose, Roy)                    

$1,000   Deep South Inv (Hering, Steve)                

$500       Pullum Properties (Pullum)                        

$500       E.H. Pullum Trust (Pullum)                          

$250       Persimmon Properties (Pullum)                               

$250       Pullum Real Estate (Pullum)                       

$1,000   Alpha Land LLC (Killingsworth, Bobby)                   

$100       Smith Global Ent (Smith, Charles)                            

$250       Main Street Title (Boyles, Nathan)                          

$1,000   Marilyn Hess                     

$500       Good Ideas for Government (Studer, Quint)                      

$250       Navarre Auto Repair (Goulet, Will)                          

$1,000   Johnny Huston’s (Walters, Ken)               

$300       Boltz, Mark                        

$250       Harvell, Jean                     

$250       Goodin, Gordon                              

$1,000   KBC inv of NWF (Patel, Animesh)                             

$1,000   Dupre, Jinks                      

$1,000   CBC Enterprises (Huff, Chandler)                             

$500       Elliot, Jeffrey                     

$1,000   Mergansen Enterprises (Hoffman, Merg)                            

$1,000   RV Resort of SR (Kruse, Craig)                   

$500       Blixt, Sharon