Woodbine Road Improvements Move into Final Design Ahead of 2023 Construction

Posted on September 6, 2022 by Romi White

Mott MacDonald this morning made a presentation to the Santa Rosa County Commission following completion of the firm’s schematic design for Woodbine Road improvements.

“We excited to say we’re ready to move into final design and get construction going,” said Amber Kirk, representing Mott MacDonald. 

Kirk explained that the project entails improvements at the U.S. 90 intersection and the Five Points area as well as overall corridor traffic improvements all aimed to increase the number of lanes and reduce traffic delays.

“We performed a traffic study,” she said, noting the firm has been coordinating with county and state representatives on the effort.

Woodbine Road at U.S. 90 will feature sidewalks with 3 northbound and 3 southbound lanes, including designated “free flow” turn lanes which will not be dependent upon turn signals.

Improvements at Five Points will include two northbound and two southbound lanes plus a center median and/or turn lane as applicable.

“I’m very excited to finally be moving foward with the major improvements on Woodbine Road,” said District 1 Commissioner Sam Parker. “When I got re-elected in 2020, I said that Woodbine Road was my number one priority and thanks to the support of my fellow commissioners, we should begin construction by summer time of 2023.”

Kirk said access to all businesses will be maintained throughout construction.