Burn authorizations to resume after recent rainfall

Posted on April 1, 2020 by Staff reports

Officials with the Florida Forest Service’s Blackwater Forestry Center have moved to allow the authorization of prescribed burning as well as pile burning with restrictions after recent rain fall helped reduce the local wildfire danger. More moisture is in the near-term forecast, which should help further alleviate the situation.

Any burn practitioner wishing to obtain an authorization will have to meet certain restrictions such as heavy equipment on site or the required use of an air curtain incinerator depending on their location. They should call the Blackwater Forestry Center headquarters at (850) 957-5701 for authorization and details on specific requirements.

Backyard burning of yard debris – when not prohibited by city or county ordinances or orders – does not require an authorization but must meet the required setbacks as follows: the pile must be less than 8 feet in diameter, must be located 25 feet away from the woods, brush or other combustible structures (sheds, outbuildings, etc.), 25 feet away from the home of the burner, 50 feet away from a paved, public road and 150 feet away from the nearest occupied building.

Residents should never leave any fire unattended, always have a charged water hose and shovel handy and remember to call 911 if their fire should escape.

For more information on fire safety and how to protect your home in case of a wildfire, visit www.FDACS.gov/FLForestService.