Council Members seek recourse for Mayor’s “erratic and abusive” behavior toward City staff

Posted on March 19, 2024 by Romi White

Several Milton City Council members recently reached out to City Attorney Alex Andrade, seeking potential recourse after a “troubling trend” of behavior exhibited by Mayor Heather Lindsay toward City staff.

The latest development is a grievance filed against Lindsay by a female City employee, which, per a March 13 memo, alleges “stalking, harassment, violation of privacy, and actions in contravention of the stated values and mission of the City

But prior to receiving the March 13 grievance, Councilman Jeff Snow had asked Andrade to review and report on specific examples of Lindsay’s conduct towards members of City staff.

Subsequently, Andrade provided a March 18 memo to Council members, outlining two subjects he believes merit Council action:

  • a January 30 Florida Bar Complaint Lindsay filed on behalf of the City without the City Council’s knowledge or approval which was closed after it was deemed “political” and outside the organization’s scope and which Andrade asserts contains multiple false;
  • a “history of mishandling employee concerns,” outlined with exhibits including but not limited to emails and screenshots of texts messages.

The report concluded Lindsay has exhibited a “willingness to act in a manner that undermines and interferes with the Council’s will” and went on to state he does not believe she is competent to continue serving as the City’s mayor. “Lindsay’s treatment of members of staff has become abusive, toxic and professionally embarrassing.”

Andrade requested the Council grant him authority to request a review of the two subjects by the Florida Attorney General and the Florida Commission on Ethics.

There has also been some community-based discussion about a possible municipal recall, which would be allowable under on certain grounds, per Florida State Statute 100.361.

The Council will convene for a 6 p.m. work session on Thursday, March 21 at City Hall, located at 6738 Dixon Street. Council meetings are streamed via