Deputy’s Keen Observation Helped Driver Discover Underlying Medical Condition

Posted on February 16, 2024 by Romi White

A quick-thinking Santa Rosa County deputy is being credited with helping a Milton man get critical medical treatment for an undiagnosed issue. Todd Honeycutt credits Deputy Baylee Chapman with saving his life.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies on December 28, 2023 were attempting to initiate a traffic stop on a Milton man who failed to pull over his vehicle despite having multiple patrol units in pursuit.

Once the subject’s vehicle was stopped, several deputies suspected the male driver might be driving under the influence. However, Chapman, who has been with the agency for 6.5 years, noticed he appeared confused and had “abnormal” speech.

While a trainee worked with the driver to conduct standard field sobriety tasks, Chapman contacted emergency medical services.

Initially Honeycutt hesitated to pursue any medical treatment. However, Chapman encouraged him to do so, fearing he had an underlying condition.

She was right.

After being transferred to several hospitals, Honeycutt was diagnosed with a brain tumor. So far Honeycutt has been through one surgery but is expected to have more.

“He credits her with saving his life,” said District 4 Lt. Blake Weekley, acknowledging Chapman’s actions exemplify the important role law enforcement officers play in serving and protecting their communities beyond traditional law enforcement duties.