Governor Rick Scott Signs 30 Bills Into Law

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Staff reports



Florida Governor Rick Scott today signed the following bills into law:


SB 146 Appointment of Attorneys for Dependent Children with Special Needs – This bill requires certain court costs be paid by the state when pro bono attorneys represent special needs children in dependency proceedings.


SB 220 Bankruptcy Matters in Foreclosure Proceedings – This bill authorizes documents filed in a federal bankruptcy proceeding to be admitted as evidence in a foreclosure.


CS/CS/CS/SB 268 Public Records/Public Guardians/Employees with Fiduciary Responsibility – This bill creates a public record exemption for former and current public guardians and employees with fiduciary responsibility.


CS/SB 386 Consumer Finance – This bill provides additional repayment schedule options for consumer finance loans and sets a maximum delinquency charge of $15 per calendar month for each loan payment in default.


CS/SB 394 Fire Safety – This bill requires the Division of State Fire Marshal to establish specified courses as a part of firefighter and volunteer firefighter training and certification.


SB 472 National Statuary Hall – This bill directs the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress to replace the statue of Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith in the National Statuary Hall Collection with a statue of Mary McLeod Bethune.


SB 498 Office of Public and Professional Guardians Direct-Support Organization – This bill repeals the sunset date for the Foundation for Indigent Guardianship.


CS/CS/SB 510 Reporting of Adverse Incidents in Planned Out-of-Hospital Births – This bill requires that adverse incidents of planned births that occur outside of hospitals be reported to the Florida Department of Health.


CS/SB 512 Homestead Waivers – This bill provides language that can be included in a deed to waive spousal homestead rights.


CS/CS/SB 568 Telephone Solicitation – This bill expands the ‘Do Not Call’ list to include direct to voicemail sales calls.


CS/CS/SB 622 Health Care Facility Regulation – This bill amends numerous provisions related to the regulation of health care facilities.


SB 660 Florida Insurance Code Exemption for Nonprofit Religious Organizations – This bill expands the nonprofit religious organizations’ insurance code exemption to include people sharing a common set of ethical or religious beliefs.


CS/CS/CS/SB 920 Deferred Presentment Transactions – This bill creates a new type of small loan up to $1,000.


CS/SB 1132 Vessel Safety Inspection Decals – This bill provides an expiration date for vessel safety inspection decals.


SB 1712 Postsecondary Revenue Bonds and Debt – This bill allows Florida A&M University to participate in the U.S. Department of Education’s Historically Black College and University Capital Financing Program.


CS/CS/HB 21 Controlled Substances – This bill takes significant steps to combat opioid abuse in Florida.


CS/HB 41 Pregnancy Support and Wellness Services – This bill codifies the Pregnancy Support Services Program in Florida Statute.


HB 53 Coral Reefs – This bill creates the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Ecosystem Conservation Area.


HB 67 Florida Slavery Memorial – This bill establishes the Florida Slavery Memorial to honor the nameless and forgotten men, women, and children for their contributions to the United States.


CS/HB 85 Voter Registration List Maintenance – This bill enhances the Florida Department of State’s ability to prevent voter fraud by joining a nongovernmental organization with other states to verify voter registration information.


CS/HB 87 Public Records/Statewide Voter Registration System – This bill creates a public records exemption for voter registration information received by the Florida Department of State from another state in which the information is confidential or exempt.


HB 405 Linear Facilities – This bill provides legal certainty for decisions made under the Power Plan Siting Act and Transmission Line Siting Act.


HB 413 Trusts – This bill updates and revises provisions of the Florida Trust Code relating to revising trust decanting procedures, electronic delivery of trust documents, and trust accounting.


CS/CS/HB 429 Donation and Transfer of Human Tissue – This bill requires the Florida Department of Health to develop and publish on its website educational information relating to tissue transplants.


HB 623 Out-of-Country Foreign Money Judgments – This bill increases protections from unjust foreign court judgments.


HB 6021 The Guardian Ad Litem Direct-Support Organization – This bill continues the Direct Support Organization for the Guardian ad Litem Office.


CS/HB 6515 The Relief of Cathleen Smiley by Brevard County – This bill directs Brevard County to provide $25,000 in relief to Ms. Cathleen Smiley for injuries caused by a county bus.


HB 7029 A Review Under the Open Government Sunset Review Act/Human Trafficking Expunction – This bill continues the public record exemption of criminal history records relating to a victim of human trafficking.  


HB 7031 A Review Under the Open Government Sunset Review Act/Criminal Justice Commission – This bill continues the public meeting exemption of a criminal justice commission while members discuss active criminal intelligence or investigative information.


HB 7035 Ratification of St. Johns River Water Management District Rules – This bill ratifies a St. Johns River Water Management District rule for Silver Springs.