Gulf Power plans to complete power restoration in Santa Rosa by midnight

Posted on September 20, 2020 by Staff reports

As crews continue to make progress, Gulf Power announces updated restoration times for customers affected by Hurricane Sally. Gulf Power expects most customers to have their power restored before Tuesday, Sept. 22. Okaloosa County was essentially restored as of Friday, Sept. 18.
“While a lot of work has already been completed, our team continues to focus on our customers who have been affected by Hurricane Sally,” said Marlene Santos, president of Gulf Power. “With storm restoration teams from 24 states, we have 7,000 men and women who are laser focused on restoring power to our customers so they can begin getting their life back to normal. Together with the support of our community partners, we have already restored nearly 225,000 customers and today we are announcing more detailed restoration times for customers in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.”
NEW Estimated Restoration Times 

The following estimated restoration times are for 95% of customers who are able to be accept service.

  • Customers in Century are estimated to be restored by midnight, Sunday, Sept. 20.
  • Customers north of Kingsfield Road are estimated to be restored by midnight, Monday, Sept. 21.
  • Customers south of Kingsfield Road including Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key and Innerarity Point, are estimated to be restored by midnight, Tuesday, Sept. 22.
  • Essentially all customers in Santa Rosa County are estimated to be restored by midnight, Sunday, Sept. 20.  
See our attached restoration map.
As illustrated in the map, some of the hardest-hit areas are expected to take longer to essentially restore due to damage, ground conditions and other factors. Please keep in mind that most customers will be back on before these latest estimated restoration times.  
If power is restored in your neighborhood and you still do not have power, first please check your breakers. If this is not the issue, please report your outage on the Gulf Power App or using our automated system by calling 1-800-GUPOWER (1-800-487-6937).
Overcoming challenges
Every storm is different, and the wake of Hurricane Sally presented logistical challenges with bridge closures and flooded roads. To meet these challenges, Gulf Power worked to get crews closer to the restoration work and are now housing almost 80% of visiting crews in one of 12 staging sites. An example of one of these staging sites is the Pensacola Fairgrounds which has been converted to a temporary city with sleeper trailers and tents with cots for housing crews.
After crews work 16-hour days, in shifts that cover 24 hours a day, they return to their assigned staging site for a meal and to get some rest before the next day. If customers see trucks at a site during the day, it is typically because they are either checking in for work, or part of the night shift getting rest.
“Over the last three days, we have continually moved our crews closer to the work in order to get power restored safely and as quickly as possible,” said Santos. “Each hurricane restoration presents new challenges, but this is why we drill year-round, so we have solutions ready to execute quickly during an actual restoration event.”
Current storm-related outage total as of Sunday, September 20 at 8:05 a.m.
Jackson 0 20 20 1,600
Okaloosa 0 36,130 36,130 94,500
Santa Rosa 1,230 72,970 74,200 74,200
Walton 0 3,970 3,970 24,000
Washington 0 470 470 6,700
Total 45,430 240,010 285,440 455,40
Frequently asked questions about power restoration
Customers often have questions while they wait for their power to be restored. Here are the answers to the most asked questions about power restoration after a storm.
Customers often ask, “Why don’t I see crews on my street or in my neighborhood?”
Just because you don’t see a power truck, doesn’t mean that we are not completing work that will help get your lights back on. Your outage could be caused by something farther away from your street or area that we must repair first before being able to bring power back to your home or business. Getting our core infrastructure – substations and main feeder lines – up and running is critical to bringing power back up to your neighborhood. Sometimes these repairs are the only source of your outage, and power could be restored without a truck ever rolling down your street.
What customers can do to help
  • Please stay off of the roads as much as possible to keep them clear so our restoration crews can get to their next work site faster.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if you see our crews at work, please remember to maintain proper social distancing.
  • Avoid stopping crews to ask when power will be restored – this only slows down the process. 
Stay away from downed power lines
As Gulf Power continues to get more and more customers’ electric service restored, this means lines are becoming energized. It is more important than ever to avoid downed power lines and if you feel a line is posing a threat, arcing or sparking, call our Customer Care Center at 1-800-GU-POWER (1-800-487-6937).
Generator safety
  • If using a portable generator:
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper use;
    • Plug appliances directly into the generator, not into the main electric panel, because the electricity may flow back into power lines and cause injuries;
    • Only a licensed electrician should connect a generator to a main electric panel;
    • Never operate a generator inside your home or garage; and
    • Keep generators well away from open windows to prevent dangerous fumes from entering your home or a neighbor’s home.
Additional resources 
Stay connected
Gulf Power communicates restoration information to customers frequently through the news media and the following resources:  
  • Gulf Power website:  
  • Twitter: 
  • Gulf Power Outage Map: 
  • Gulf Power Mobile app: Download for free by searching for “Gulf Power” in iTunes or the Google Play store 
Customers can download the Gulf Power mobile app for on-the-go, instant and secure access to their accounts. Customers can report or get the latest information on an outage.
Visit for updates of outage and restoration information.