Man tased after threatening deputy

Posted on July 23, 2016 by Mat Pellegrino

A 30-year-old Gulf Breeze man was put behind bars last Tuesday after he allegedly ran towards a sheriff’s deputy in a threatening manner, forcing the deputy to think on his feet and tase the man.
The suspect, Daniel Quinn, was arrested after the incident and charged with Battery, Simple Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer and  Resisting an Officer with Violence.
According to the SRSO arrest report, a deputy was dispatched to an apartment complex on Redwood Lane in Gulf Breeze last Tuesday night at around 7 p.m. in reference to a 9-1-1 call. The caller stated that a man, later identified as Quinn, had hit him multiple times and was knocking on the victim’s door.
When the officer arrived on scene, they saw Quinn run into a wooded area near the apartment complex. The deputy asked Quinn to come speak to him and the suspect allegedly started running at the officer in an aggressive manner, the report indicated.
When the deputy told Quinn to back away, the suspect ran into a nearby apartment, later emerging from the residence. When Quinn exited the residence, the report indicated that he started running at the officer again in an aggressive manner. According to the report, the officer felt threatened by Quinn and deployed his taser at the individual. The shock knocked the suspect down to the ground. The original responding deputy and a backup deputy struggled to get Quinn in handcuffs and had to deploy the taser numerous times to get the suspect to comply.
The suspect eventually grabbed one of the officer’s legs and would not let go, the report indicated.
As the suspect was being put into the back of the patrol vehicle, the report indicated that he had to be pried off of one of the officers after the suspect grabbed onto the officer’s hand and would not let go.
The victim who originally called law enforcement told deputies that Quinn had hit him numerous times and pushed him on the ground. Injuries on the victim collaborated his story, the report indicated.
Quinn was later booked into Santa Rosa County Jail and given $6,500 bond after his first appearance. He remains behind bars as of press time.