Report: Woman hit over call made to local radio station

Posted on May 25, 2017 by Mat Pellegrino

A woman was allegedly assaulted by her boyfriend back on May 11 after an argument ensued between the two over a call she made to a local radio station.
According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, after hearing the allegations from the victim regarding the alleged assault, they arrested the suspect, 37-year-old Christopher Reid, of Navarre, and charged him with misdemeanor Battery.
According to the report, law enforcement was dispatched to a home on Segura Street in Navarre at around 11:15 p.m. on May 11 in reference to the incident.
Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with the victim who claimed that her boyfriend, Reid, came home drunk that night and began arguing with her over a phone call that she made to a local radio station earlier that day.
The victim told the responding deputy that Reid became “agitated and violent” during the argument, according to the report.
She said that at one point during the argument, Reid threw her into a wall, hit her with a closed fist in the right eye and then grabbed her by the neck, according to the victim’s statement in the report. According to the report, as Reid was choking her, he told her to pack her things and get out of the house.
The deputy noted in the report that the victim’s right eye appeared be swollen. The deputy also noticed that the victim had a red mark on her thigh and a red mark on her neck.
The deputy went to make contact with Reid, and according to the report, he denied that anything happened between the two that night and claimed he came home and just went to sleep.
Based on the victim’s statement and her injuries, the deputy arrested Reid and placed him behind bars at Santa Rosa County Jail.
He was later released after posting $1,000 bond according to the Santa Rosa County Jail View website. Reid has one prior arrest in Santa Rosa County, which was a misdemeanor traffic offense, according to the Santa Rosa County Jail View website.