Sunday’s Child Set to Award $120,000 In Grants In 2022

Posted on January 18, 2022 by Staff reports

Sunday’s Child, a Pensacola-area philanthropic group which promotes LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality, held its annual kickoff event on Thursday, January 13 to celebrate completion of their 2022 membership drive. This was an online event.

For 2022, the organization raised $120,000 among 178 members, allowing the organization to offer four grants of $30,000 each to Pensacola Bay Area 501c3 nonprofits that place value on diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Launched in 2014, Sunday’s Child individual members or member ensembles donate $1,000 annually, with 100 percent of funds going toward grant awards. Grant applications are vetted by members and winners are determined by the votes of members at an annual meeting in June of each year.

The Sunday’s Child mission is to promote equality and inspire inclusion across the community by awarding grants for significant charitable and economic initiatives with a vision of a fully accepting and inclusive Pensacola Bay area that embraces the LGBTQ+ citizens and their contributions to the community.

Over the past eight years, the organization has raised over $764,000. One hundred percent of dollars raised have funded projects that impacted areas such as child welfare, animal welfare, hunger issues, LGBTQ+ issues, health, adults with disabilities and the arts. 

“Sunday’s Child is making a difference. Even though we are a young organization, our members are committed to improving the lives of the citizens of the Pensacola Bay area,” said Trudy King, president of Sunday’s Child. “We invite you to join us and accomplish even more in the years to come.”

Sunday’s Child is now accepting letters of intent through Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022. A nonprofit workshop will be held on Feb. 3, 2022, for all local nonprofits wishing to learn more about the grants process.  Visit for more information..